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Lorenzana Periodontics and Dental Implants Blog

What Are the Consequences of Overgrown Gums?

October 3, 2021

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Close up of gummy smile in San Antonio

When you smile in the mirror, do you notice your gums more than your teeth? A gummy smile can appear unattractive and lower your self-esteem. However, having overgrown gums does not just affect your appearance. Excessive gum tissue can also put you at a higher risk of serious oral health issues, such as gum disease. Fortunately, a periodontist in San Antonio can help! Keep reading to discover how. 


How Much Does Gum Recontouring Cost?

September 20, 2021

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Man wondering about the cost of gum recontouring

Are you thinking about undergoing gum recontouring in San Antonio? This aesthetic periodontal procedure can improve your smile’s proportions and make you eligible for future cosmetic treatments. You might wonder, though, how reshaping your gums might impact your wallet. This blog post discusses some of the factors that can affect the cost of gum recontouring.


Common Causes of a Gummy Smile (and How to Fix It)

August 13, 2021

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Woman smiling after receiving gummy smile treatment in San Antonio

When teeth aren’t quite as visible as they could be or the gum line simply looks uneven, it’s usually because of excessive gum tissue. Many people will refer to this as a “gummy” smile, and periodontists are all too familiar with this common problem. The fact of the matter is gummy smiles can develop for all sorts of reasons, many of which have no effect on your long-term oral health. However, if you’ve always wish that your smile looked fuller and more balanced, keep reading to learn how gummy smile treatment in San Antonio can help you!


What is Gum Grafting? Learn the Basics from an Expert!

June 9, 2021

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Closeup of a mouth in need of gum grafting in San Antonio

Gum tissue plays a significant role when it comes to long-term oral health. Not only does it keep teeth in place, but it protects the many vulnerable oral structures that sit underneath it. If you’ve noticed your gum tissue pulling away from your teeth or increased cases of tooth sensitivity, it’s worth getting in touch with a periodontist to talk about gum grafting in San Antonio. That way, you can learn about the causes of recession and give your gum tissue the attention it needs!


Why Dental Implant Treatment is More Comfortable Than You’d Think

May 15, 2021

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Diagram of a dental implant in San Antonio

Tooth replacement through dental implants in San Antonio has only become more popular over the years. Not only are they longer-lasting and more reliable, but they mimic natural teeth closer than any other option out there. Of course, it’s understandable if you’re still hesitant about treatment if you believe the process will be painful. However, there’s a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to dental implant treatment. Today, a periodontist can break down exactly what to expect and why there’s nothing to worry about.


Will All-on-4 Hurt? What to Expect from the Procedure

August 27, 2020

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It’s not uncommon for people to avoid visiting the dentist because they’re worried about pain. Unfortunately, this could lead to them missing out on treatments that could significantly improve the quality of their lives. All-on-4 in particular is a procedure that can help people who have lost all of their teeth enjoy strong, stable, and complete smiles again. If you have been considering All-on-4 but have been reluctant to ask about the procedure due to pain concerns, read on to learn what you can really expect during the procedure.

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