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Frequently Asked Periodontal Questions – San Antonio, TX

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At Lorenzana Periodontics, we aren’t your typical dental office. We understand that you may have questions about our services or our practice. That’s why we’ve included our responses for the most asked questions below. Keep in mind that you’re more than welcome to reach out to us if you have others that aren’t mentioned here.

How do you ensure that plaque and bacteria are thoroughly removed from my teeth?

In gum disease, pockets of trapped plaque and bacteria can attack the gum tissue and bone and ultimately lead to tooth loss. When we perform scaling and root planing, we don’t want to miss any of these pockets, so we may use antibiotic treatment and perioscopy to make sure that we clear out as much as possible.

Why should I turn to a board-certified periodontist for dental implants?

Although some dentists claim to be able to place dental implants, a board-certified periodontist can offer you more peace of mind. With much more specialty training and expertise than your typical dentist, a periodontist like Dr. Lorenzana is uniquely qualified to perform dental implant placement and ensure their long-term success. Over more than 20 years, he has placed countless implants and helped patients recover their smiles after tooth loss.

What is a soft tissue graft, and why would I need it?

When the gums have receded away from the teeth, they expose sensitive root surfaces and cause the teeth to look too long. A soft tissue graft can come from another spot within the mouth or from a proven tissue subsitutue material that helps recover these areas and restore gums to their healthier, more natural state. This procedure is necessary when dealing with the effects of thin tissue, gum erosion, or gum disease to help a smile appear healthier and more balanced.

Do you offer sedation?

Absolutely! We can customize our sedation services to meet your needs. Whether you require nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, or an IV, we can help you feel calm and content while we care for your smile.

Can you help with esthetic changes?

Yes, we can! If your teeth look too small because the gum tissue is encroaching too far on top, we can remove small amounts of tissue, showing more of the teeth and giving your smile a more esthetic appearance. On the other hand, if you are losing gum tissue, we can add tissue to restore your gums to a more natural appearance. During a consultation with Dr. Lorenzana, he can determine the best treatment to help your smile look its best.