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Can I Expect Any Pain During the Gum Grafting Process?

August 11, 2023

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Scared woman

Realizing that your gums are receding can be a shocking experience, especially if you’ve practiced excellent oral hygiene and have not noticed any major discomfort. Unfortunately, receding gums are a common issue that might be caused by factors outside of your control. Since gum tissue will not regrow on its own, gum graft surgery is the only way to reverse its recession. While gum recession is fairly common, it needs to be treated because it can lead to tooth decay or loss. If you are wondering if gum grafting is painful, read on to learn what you can expect during and after the treatment.


Dental Implants Are No Reason to Feel Embarrassed

June 30, 2023

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Male patient looking in dental mirrorIf you’ve lost a tooth, your confidence was probably lost along with it. If you’re embarrassed by your smile, a dental implant can fill the gap. You don’t have to worry about it standing out from your natural teeth. It will blend in with your smile, so only a trained dental professional will know it is there. You won’t have to think twice before showing your pearly whites.


3 Procedures You May Need Before Getting Dental Implants

April 18, 2023

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patient viewing x-ray with dentists

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that provide a strong foundation for replacement teeth, offering a durable and natural-looking solution for missing teeth. Proper preparation before implant placement is crucial to achieve the best post-op results. Understanding these procedures will help you make informed decisions and ensure the long-term success of your dental implant journey. Keep reading as we delve into the three key treatments that may be necessary before undergoing dental implant placement.


Is it Safe to Get Dental Implants?

February 21, 2023

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dentist explaining a dental implant to his patient

If you’re looking into tooth replacement options, you’ve probably heard a lot about the merits of dental implants. They’re considered the gold standard of tooth replacement, feeling much more natural and being much more durable than dentures and bridges.

However, they’re also the only tooth replacement option that requires surgery. It’s understandable for that to make you nervous, or to even wonder whether the surgery is safe. If you’re in that position, here’s a guide that will tell you what you need to know about the safety of dental implants.


Keep Your Gums Healthy & Save Money with Preventive Care

September 4, 2022

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Did you know that almost half of all adults in America suffer from gum disease? Unfortunately, because early signs and symptoms often go undetected, many people don’t realize they have it until it’s too late. The good news is your dentist can easily spot it during biannual checkups and treat it before it worsens. With their help, you can keep from needing more complex and expensive treatments down the line. Read on as a dentist in San Antonio explains how using your dental insurance benefits can help you avoid gum disease and save you money.


Why Is Your Periodontist Recommending Crown Lengthening?

July 16, 2022

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Illustration of a crown lengthening procedure including the bone

If an oral health professional tells you that you need a crown or a filling, you probably already know that it’s to repair a damaged or decayed tooth. But what if they’re recommending crown lengthening? What sort of problem is that meant to address? While the procedure is sometimes performed for cosmetic reasons, it can also be a necessary step in restoring your smile. Here’s what you need to know about crown lengthening and why it might be needed.


How Can Gum Grafting Treat Receding Gums?

March 1, 2022

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Woman smiling after receiving gum disease therapy

The gums are an essential component of your oral health because they protect the more vulnerable areas of your teeth that aren’t covered by thick enamel. This includes the roots, which also stay in place with the help of the gums. If they aren’t healthy or they begin to recede, your risk for experiencing issues like sensitivity and tooth loss goes up. Have you noticed your gums beginning to recede? You may qualify for gum disease therapy, including gum grafting. Learn how the process works and whether it’s right for you!


4 Tips for Gum Recontouring Recovery

February 26, 2022

Digital image of laser gum recontouring If you’re ready to say goodbye to your gummy smile or repair damage caused by infection, gum recontouring may be the solution for you. Laser dentistry can remove excess or compromised tissue using a less invasive method than a scalpel and sutures. You’ll enjoy unmatched precision and a shorter healing process that has few risks of complications. Here’s what you can expect when recovering from gum recontouring in San Antonio.


Is Gummy Smile Correction Safe?

December 7, 2021

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young woman getting gummy smile correction

A confident, attractive smile can do wonders for your social, romantic, and professional life. That’s why so many people turn to dentists or orthodontists to fix discolored or crooked teeth. But what if the problem with your grin isn’t with your teeth, but with your gums? Even a perfect set of pearly whites can be marred by a smile that’s too “gummy.” A periodontist – or gum specialist – can often fix gummy smiles, but you might be worried about whether the procedure is safe. Here’s what you need to know about gummy smile correction.  


Don’t Let Genetics Ruin Your Gum Health

November 2, 2021

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Dentist using technology for gum disease in San AntonioYou know various health conditions can run in your family, like asthma, heart disease, or diabetes. Did you know genetics can also affect your smile? Besides contributing to the color, size, and positioning of your teeth, genes play a role in your gum health. Research has found a connection between genetics and gum disease in San Antonio. With the infection linked to tooth loss and many serious health issues, your gum health is more important than ever. If your family has a history of periodontal disease, brushing and flossing may not be enough to safeguard your smile, but don’t worry. Your periodontist has the solutions you need.


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